Finance Education


Purpose:  General Operating

Success Story:


“This grant allowed us to succeed in two main areas. One is the one-on-one financial education and counseling. Because of this grant we were able to see 2,000 clients. We provided credit and budgeting counseling, debt management programs and credit report reviews. Additionally, because of our increase focus of connecting with our community partners (such as Rogue Retreat, Southern Oregon Veterans and Goodwill) we have been able to increase our community programs. During the time of this grant we were able to see an additional 2,300 residents in classroom settings. This is a big increase for us in this newly emphasized program. These are not only potential one-on-one clients, but more importantly residents who are low income who have NEVER heard of our services…and need them the most. Each of our clients are asked to complete a survey and we continue to enjoy a client satisfaction rate that ranged from 97% to 100%. This tells me we are meeting the need of those who are our clients.”

Bill Ihle, Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Southern Oregon


“Your understanding of my family situation was so touching. The counselors were understanding and so helpful. Thank you. I’m now debt free and understand how to manage my family finances.”

Vivian, Program Participant