What do I need in order to create an account?

Your name
Your phone number
Your email address
Organization’s legal name
Tax ID number
Name of organization executive director
Organization’s mailing address including city, state and zip
Organization’s phone number
Executive director’s email address

What if I don’t have the requested materials electronically?

If you do not have documents electronically, use the Fax to File feature. Once you have logged on to the application, using your username and password, look in the banner at the top of your screen for the Fax to File link. Simply follow the directions to fax a document and save it to your personal computer. Once you have the document on your hard drive, upload it as an attachment to any application or email. Fax to File is a free service that we provide to applicants.

How often should I save my work?

You should save your work often to prevent data loss. If you make corrections be sure to click “Save Application” to ensure the most current changes are saved.

I need to make a change to my project budget and/or board list and I have already uploaded the document to the application, how can I change it?

If you upload any document and discover that it is the wrong item or you need to make changes do the following. Make the corrections to the document on your computer and SAVE. In the grant application site, click on the browse button associated with the uploaded item and upload the new document. Click “Save Application”.

How can I see what my application looks like?

If you are in the application system and are either working on the application or have submitted it, click on the “Application Packet” icon on your screen. This will allow you to see exactly what your completed application will look like, including any documents you have uploaded. You will have the choice to either view it or print a hard copy for your records.

Does the character count include spaces?

Yes, the character count includes all spaces, punctuation and letters. Anything that moves your cursor counts as a character.

Can a state-supported educational institution or government entity apply for a grant even though it is not a 501(c)3 organization?

Yes, but you must provide a letter that indicates your tax status and your federal tax ID number.