Career Education


Purpose:  Employment Program

Success Story:


“During this project year this funding enabled Compass House members to obtain employment, especially Transitional Employment (TE) which will assist them in moving towards financial self-sufficiency. Compass House provides support to its members in obtaining Transitional, Supported & Independent Employment in several ways. This process begins by engaging Compass House members in the work-ordered day at Compass House. By volunteering to participate in the operation of the Clubhouse alongside staff, meaningful relationships are established & members gain skills & confidence necessary to return to the paid workforce. The Employment Coordinator meets with members recognizing their strengths & readiness to return to work. Each member is assisted at the level most appropriate to their needs, either through the Transitional, Supported or Independent Employment program. Working one on one with members through the employment process supplemented by weekly employment workshops to teach skills, the Employment Program has helped 43 members in finding paid work in the first year. Once members had secured employment, the Employment Coordinator provides continued supports in the form of benefits assistance, money management, monthly employment dinner support groups & routine outreach calls to help with any employment or life goals to ensure the members wellness & longevity in stable and secure paid employment.

Elizabeth Hazelwood, Compass House


“Without help of Compass House, I never would have gotten my GED or a job. I have moved up because of Compass House, I think I can move into my own place soon. I just needed someone to believe in me.”

Miguel, Program Participant