Our mission is to support organizations that provide
relevant educational experiences related to Careers, Finance & Nutrition

The Leightman Maxey Foundation is a private foundation that distributes grants in support of nonprofit organizations whose services are aligned with the mission of the Foundation. Funding priority is given to those organizations serving ‘at risk’ clients.

Grants may be awarded in any of the following three impact areas:

CAREER EDUCATION: work programs, employable skills programs, employment seeking preparation

FINANCE EDUCATION:  budgeting, judicious use of credit, living within one’s means

NUTRITION EDUCATION:  shopping for and preparing healthy, economical meals

Important Announcement:

After much consideration, the Leightman Maxey Foundation is moving to an “Invitation Only” grant application process, effective immediately.  This approach is being taken to better align the Foundation’s grant funding with the mission of the Founders’.  The Foundation believes this change will provide it with the opportunity to develop deeper relationships and partnerships with those organizations doing work aligned with the Foundation’s mission.

There is no further action you need to take.  Please do NOT call or email the Foundation requesting an invitation to apply.  The Foundation will contact you when it is ready to learn more about your organization, the work you do and needs you may have.

It is the Foundation’s intention to have issued all invitations to apply no later than one month prior to the grant application deadline.  The Foundation will announce when all invitations have been issued on our website under “Important Information”.

The Foundation has deep appreciation for the work you do for the community members of Southern Oregon and wishes you the best.